Friday, February 18, 2011

Verizon Part 2

The story it seems goes on and on. This morning the FedEx guy came to the office bearing packages, but not the one that I was looking for. He being the wonderful guy that he is, called the other carrier who delivers to the house to see if he had a delivery for me. delivery at either address. This did not bode well for Verizon.

I waited patiently till quitting time for the day to call, because after the previous attempt at getting things straight I just knew it was going to "take a while". Turned out that to get to the bottom of this "oversight" took about 35 minutes from start to finish. And just what was this oversight? It seems that both deliveries that I had been told had shipped out on Wednesday night, both were just sitting around in limbo. No movement, nada, nothing. There were no notes or anything that I was told to explain the situation. Lovely!

The tech support guy that helped me today, tells me that he has scheduled the phone to be delivered to the house by noon tomorrow (Saturday) and that it is coming, this time, by UPS. I truly, truly hope that I do not have to pick up the phone and call them again tomorrow because it doesn't arrive. It won't be a pretty sight if I have to.

In other strange Verizon news, our office phones suddenly went busy yesterday morning and that took a good deal of time on hold and transferring around Verizon to get straightened out as well. The phones came back up shortly after talking to repair and all was well. This morning I get a voice message on the cell from Verizon regarding the phones, but I can't return the call. The woman who left the message spoke in a very muffled voice and we were unable to make out the phone number that we were to call back, let alone the repair order number. All very slurred together. You'd think that if they couldn't find any problem that they would at least try phoning the number that they were checking on to see if it worked for them. Amazingly enough if they had they would have gotten a live person.

Such is the way things seem to be going at Verizon these days.

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