Sunday, November 4, 2012

Flagging at the VMFA

The Virginia Flaggers were out in force Saturday afternoon and well into the evening protesting the VMFA. The VA Flaggers are continuing their efforts to have the Confederate Soldier's Flag returned to the Confederate Memorial Chapel.

The group was joined by several new volunteer flaggers, one from as far away as Alabama.
Aerial Flagging

Volunteer Flagger from Alabama
Evening Flagging in front of the VMFA
Using a little Southern ingenuity the colors were hoisted using multiple helium balloons. The balloons attracted visitors to stop by and find out what all the excitement was about.

Following a brief break for dinner the group reconvened for and a little evening flagging.

Flaggers in front of the VMFA enjoying the view.
Throughout the day the group received many positive affirmations from those that stopped and from passerby's on the the roadway. There were only a small number that were negative, and those were from people who did not bother to stop in and find out what the protest was all about.

You too can add help by joining their email campaign to restore the flags.

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