Saturday, November 17, 2012

Afternoon on at the Chapel

It was a very productive day at the chapel this afternoon. There were a number of opportunities to share with by-passers the goal of restoring the flags to the chapel.

A couple of ladies were very enthusiastic and even climbed up on the tailgate of one of the trucks to have their photo taken with the flags!

The Yankee hawk made an appearance again as well circling the steeple of the chapel and generally showing off.

It was a great day for meeting people, taking photos, and learning something new. Just listening the to learned individuals who participate in theses events weekly I find that they always have something for me to take away from my time spent with them.

Today as I was packing up to head home, one of the residents that lives on the street behind the chapel, called out to me. She said, "Thank you for your dedication. I appreciate it." The Flaggers changing hearts and minds one at a time.

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