Friday, November 16, 2012

No More Twinkie's

A huge number of snack foods from my childhood are no more. Killed by the very people that were employed to produce them.

So many children and grandchildren won't have the shared memories of Hostess Twinkie's, Ho Ho's, and CupCakes with the loopy white icing down the center. Not to mention the many other products produced by the company.

In this time of economic hardship, it boggles the mind that they were not willing to back down on demands made of their employer (who was already in bankruptcy) in order to keep a job. Instead they chose to strike, and now they are out of work and have become just another of the many that are now on the public payroll of unemployment.

I sometime wonder about the leadership in the unions today. Are they really looking out for the best interests of the employees or only trying to find ways to actually drive the companies out of business? Just how many of these people did not have to lose a job?

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