Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Closing Day????

Walt was up early this morning and out of the house with me. He went in with me to help finish up the computer from yesterday's virus episode. He took care of everything and was finished up just in time for us to head out to the attorney's office.

We were preparing for the house closing by getting together a few of those necessary legal documents that you need in life. What started out as two documents swelled to seven quickly, at least the services were reasonably priced. We went for two 'freebies' and were up-sold the others. I'm not gripping, they were needed.

We were suppose to close on the house late this afternoon, but things have gotten pushed back to either early tomorrow or Friday morning. The hang up was suppose to be the lack of the water being turned on in the house, but I had that rectified and the inspector was able to verify that was on. The absolute biggest hang up has been the seller's agent. They just don't seem to want to cooperate - not answering emails, phone calls, or even knowing what's going on half the time. It will all be worth it when we finally sit down and sign papers. I know Walter will be thrilled to finally have that part over. Then comes the next leg of the race to our move in date.

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