Monday, January 12, 2009

The week begins.

The day went fairly well. Lots of productivity at work.

Walter met with our builder today and construction will commence tomorrow. YEAH! About time. He also spoke with an HVAC guy who will be getting started in the next week or so. That will get us in and warm. I've still got to find out who to get to come in and clean and inspect the chimney.

Email & Newsletter Gleanings:

"Horse Looking"

One day a man passed by a farm and saw a beautiful horse.

Hoping to buy the animal, he said to the farmer: "I think your horse looks pretty good, so I'll give you $500 for him."

"He doesn't look good, and he's not for sale," the farmer said.

The man insisted, "I think he looks good and I'll up the price to $1000!"

"He doesn't look so good," the farmer said, "but if you want him that much, he's yours."

The next day the man came back raging mad. He went up to the farmer and screamed, "You sold me a blind horse! You cheated me!"

The farmer calmly replied, "I told you he didn't look so good, didn't I?"

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