Friday, January 16, 2009


Here we are at the end of another very busy week. Busy week, that's beginning to sound redundant, since just about every week is very busy. We're all prepared at work for our conference that begins this morning and runs through Saturday late afternoon. With all the preparation that has been it will be fantastic if things go as smoothly as planned. No glitches will be an awesome end of the week!

Catching up on the house, they found another place in the joist that had been cut incorrectly. It could have been a big issue later if it hadn't been found. Thank goodness we were already fixing the opposite side of the living room floor. The contractor was being very through in checking for problems. It is going to save us so much further down the line. We've begun taking picture of the interior as they have started working. The carpet was removed a couple of days ago. So Walt will see progress has been made when he heads over that way today.

Only 8 more days till the move, next Saturday is the big day. All the plans are in place. Movers scheduled, utilities turned on. Now just to finish up the final few boxes and we're off. I'll be getting the boxes finalized this weekend as much as possible after our conference.

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