Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Disturbing Headlines

Children being handcuffed for throwing a tantrum; the Secret Service involved in scandal; Farrakhan calling for killing our leaders; on top of these:

TSA to Search Bags: Question Passengers on Houston Buses The TSA has no business 'policing' buses. The next thing you know, we will be subject to questioning anywhere and everywhere we go. It is a terribly slippery slope.

Michelle Obama: 'This President Has Brought Us Out of the Dark and Into the Light' As if the headline alone isn't disturbing enough, the actual article cites scripture. The overt implication being that Obama is our savior.

It does appear that everyday the headlines are becoming more and more bizarre and disturbing. Rolling back the clock, no further than 10 years ago, headlines like these would have prompted alarm and public outcry. Are we, as a country, just going to go quietly down this path where our rights are trampled? Politician's aren't saviors, they are to be watched and watched carefully.

It all just makes me want to stop reading the news all together. I've given up on watching on television - no matter what channel you turn to they are all saying the same thing and nothing at the same time. I remember when the media actually questioned what was going on. Now it just seems that they are parroting whatever press release that happens to have been placed in front of them.

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