Tuesday, April 17, 2012

They Got Me

I can't believe that they FINALLY caught up with me. Here I was being so stealth in my coming and goings, but I just wasn't able to continue.

This morning as I was cruising down Courthouse Road, a police cruiser slipped in behind me. Please note, I had my cruise control engaged and was doing 45 mph. I KNEW I wasn't speeding and not another car behind me was even going to attempt to pass the officer or me. I felt like the leader of the parade. That was until I the blue lights started flashing in my rearview mirror.

I even glanced down to make sure that the cruise control hadn't disengaged. It was perfect, yet the lights were still going. So off to the side of the road I went. It was just about that moment when I looked down and noticed that my car registration was still folded up in the center of the dashboard. DUH! As the officer approached the window, asking for my license and registration, I passed them out the window. The registration still had the new year stickers attached!

After he checked them out, I hopped out of the car an took the full minute that was required to put them on the car. Too funny. Here I will make sure that Walt has his on his car and I forget to put my own on. 

No harm no foul. Just took about three extra minutes to get to work this morning. Once back on the road the officer passed me and hadn't traveled more that 3/4 mile until he had pulled someone else over. Hope that they had their registrations just sitting on the dash as well.

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