Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sunny Afternoon

I was out and about doing errands for the office this afternoon, it was nice to be out enjoying the beautiful day.

I surely do hate shopping - the whole trip was one big shopping trip. Grr. It would have been so much better if only one store had carried everything that I was out to purchase.

I noticed years ago, when I was shopping for the family, that once you find a product that you like, know where to get either one of two things happens: 1) they quit carrying the product; or 2) they move it to some obscure spot in the store.

Then this evening Facebook had a weird glitchy-ness going on. I had friend request show up on my phone - I like the person so I went online and accepted the friend request. It was two minutes later, when they disappeared. I couldn't access their page at all. Just to make sure that I had not done something silly, I tried to add them as a friend via my instant message - which replied to me "Add Who?"

Obviously it wasn't me - with a little more research, it seems that the person who had friended me and turned right around and blocked me. Now what gets me is that this individual has been distant over the past number of years and I was encouraged that circumstances had changed somewhat. But to send a friend request and then immediately block someone is just plain ugly and hurtful.

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