Monday, April 9, 2012

Jared's Again

Got a call this afternoon from Jared's, time to get back in there and find something to replace the last ring that had 'issues'. I was so not in the mood to shop, but I did find a very unusual green amethyst bracelet and ear rings to replace the LeVivan ring. Besides finally putting that behind me I did get a couple of very unique pieces and had a great visit with Carol.

When I came home this evening I noticed that the Dogwood tree in the front yard had bloomed! We didn't think that it was going to this year. There are about half a dozen or so blooms, but there will be more next year for sure. Then there was the extra special surprise of finding a dragonfly hanging out on one of the leaves. He made for one cool picture.

Bounce was very calm this evening. Turns out that he had spent a couple of hours out at the dog park with Walter this afternoon. He won't be worth anything for a couple of days. Walt said that he behaved himself very well, and that the drooling in the car seems to be reducing in severity. Maybe the key to getting him over it is just putting him in the car more often.

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