Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Out

I packed up around mid-morning and headed out to Mom & Dad's to spend the afternoon. Mom's back was hurting so she had stayed home from church this morning. We sat on the porch, talked and took photos of the Blue Birds.

This evening, I've repotted some houseplants and just generally knocked around the house not doing very much.

I did stir up some trouble, possibly, with our next door neighbor. There was a cat hanging out in our driveway (near the middle of the yard) and I threw a rock it's way to scare it off. You'd have thought that I was trying to kill the thing. She wanted to know why I was throwing s**t at her cat. I simply told her I was trying to scare it out of the yard.

I used to like cats, but have come to really dislike them. One cat is okay, but the fact that there are about 15 or more around here has caused me to want to have them all rounded up and taken away. I don't care where they go, just want them to go away.

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