Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day

Here it is tax day with everyone rushing around getting those tax forms in the mail. It is a real mess. I wonder if there are any parties going on at any of the Post Office branches this evening as there have been in past years. I'm inclined to believe that there aren't that many people who are really excited about paying any taxes this year especially with the way things are being managed in D.C.

I had procrastinated this year on getting my own out, but Josh to the rescue! He got all the forms completed and electronically filed. It's nice not to have any paperwork to mail. Refunds will be coming shortly. Next year, I'll do better. The first of February is the perfect time to get this stuff out of the way.

Walt & I went out for awhile this morning - checking out a few things for the house. He is going to have to reset some of the tiles in the foyer, the grout has given way and the tiles are coming up without any effort. This has presented one small problem...Bounce likes to play with the tiles and eat the old grout. It's keeping me busy getting up any additional loose tiles and the grout pieces.

We browsed the tile at Home Depot and Lowes for a future replacement for foyer, kitchen and utility room. We didn't come up with something that we just 'had to have'. I'm sure when we find the right tile it will be at just the right time to get it. I did however find a nice clumping River Birch for the yard - we're going to plant it on the South side of the house in alignment with the kitchen window. It will be a nice barrier to block the neighbor's backyard full of vehicles.

I've been busy working on homework assignments for my Graphic Design class and doing some housework that has been put off for quite some time. I even was able to get shampooing all the area rugs and one bedroom of carpet. Bounce was funny - he freaks out when I run the vacuum (shampooer). He once again ran and hid under the bed until he was sure that I had finished. Since I finished, he's been bouncing around the house trying to make up for the time that he was hiding out.

Looking forward to a 'Girls Day' tomorrow. Alice & Mom are coming over to spend some time. It promises to be fun.

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