Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Stuff

Headed out early to Mom's house this morning. She was having the dickens of a time getting her iPad to sync with her computer. We spent a couple of hours trying to restore it to factory defaults.

While we were waiting for software to download she and I took pictures 'stuff' out the kitchen windows. Nice way to kill the time while waiting on the download.

Once the software was downloaded and we finally got the it reset to the factory defaults it didn't take anytime at all for things to start moving right along. Turned out that the USB port that we were using was causing the issue. Once we changed ports things hustled right along.

We got her photos synced and a few other things so now all she has to do it play with it. I know she'll be having fun sharing the photos with everyone.

This afternoon Walter & I made a trip to the Apple Store. Big mistake. They didn't have anything in the store that we were looking for. Not that I am a big Apple fan anyway, but it seems that what I was looking for was going to have to be ordered. Could have saved us the trip, but the ride was nice.

I hadn't ever actually gone into the Short Pump Town Center, well now I can say I have and I really don't know if I want to do it again. Definitely a very different place.

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