Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Fun

We had a little adventure this morning, as we headed out to breakfast with Jeff & Sarah we discovered that the truck had a flat. Not a terribly large problem, but with it trying to rain it was going to be a mess to fix. After a quick trip to Sheets for air, we headed off in search of a covered area where the tire could be changed without the guys getting soaked. Turned out the best place was the self-serve car wash (no one was there and it was a dry covered area). There was a tense moment or two when the jack slipped and the truck almost fell off the jack. With a bit of pushing from Sarah and I we were able to help hold the the vehicle steady until they could secure the tire. Crisis avoided.

Bounce & Borla after a big time playing, Judy SmithWe had a very uneventful breakfast, but the food was great. We had a great visit. After we got back we introduced Bounce and Borla to one another. It didn't take long for them to get acquainted. From there it was all fun and games. Borla even got hold of Bounce's leash and "walked" him around a bit.

Bounce & Borla Photos

Another Video of them Playing Together

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