Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back to Work

Been working diligently for the past couple of days to finish up a website. Finally got the darn thing finished just before close of business this evening.

lamp post, Judy SmithWalter's been doing yard work for the last couple of days. So far he's planted the new clumping birch tree in the side yard; planted grass seed; and Monday installed a new light post next to the driveway.

We've finished up the website this week. Yippee. There are a few tweaks yet to be done, adding extra images, videos and a few more pages of content. These don't have to be done right away, but a little at a time.

This week Bounce has found a new toy to play with, loose tiles in the foyer. Every time that I turn around I find him with another piece. Turns out that it isn't the actual tiles that he is chewing on, it is the grout. He's a hoot.

Here we are at the end of the week and the grass seed that Walter had thrown out has taken root and we definitely have lots of green stuff up. A little more rain and it won't be long before he'll be out there with the mover.

Timmon's Group came out today and surveyed our property. We didn't get one when we first bought the house and thought it was about time to do since we are beginning to work on the yard. Turns out that all of the property markers that we had found were correct and the elusive final point was a whole 36-feet further back from where we thought it was. Man is the backyard HUGE!!! The final corner for the yard almost sits directly in front of the neighbor behind us front door. His road frontage is apparently very narrow.

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