Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Is Here

Well we've made through another week. There were a few days there that I wasn't sure if Bounce was going to make it or not. I'm just about at my wits end on what to do with him. By this time we should have had at least one puppy training session under our belt, but...not till next weekend. I do believe that he's beginning to try Walter's patience as well. I'm beginning to think that Bounce has 'read' the flyer for the training classes and is trying to see if he can exhibit as many of the 'behaviors' that they are going to cover in advance of the class.

My patience with our neighbors is really wearing thin. They have yet to make any form of payment towards the vet bills. I've spoken with our homeowners insurance company and they tell me that if I know who their homeowners insurance company is I can just call them directly and file a claim without them being involved. Now only to find out who that would be. Walter has tried to help them out - they have a car that he helped them list on Craig's List so that it could be sold to pay off the bill. They did have someone who was interested but they wanted to make payments to them. I guess that fell through. It truly is beginning to look like I am going to have to find an attorney and take them to court, unless there is anyone out that would like to make a donation to the cause (Bounce's vet bills).

Where is the responsibility? It seems some days that there isn't anyone out there that has even the vaguest notion of what that is.

I got off a few hours early today and really enjoyed the afternoon reading in out in the sun room. All the sunshine without the humidity. Very nice.

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