Saturday, June 12, 2010

Graduation and a Big Wind

Now I know what you are thinking right off, just from the title of this entry. I will admit that the speaker did seem a bit long winded during Sean's graduation ceremony, that is not the reason.

I'll just start from the beginning. The whole day has been pretty busy and hectic. Bounce had his first puppy training class - he did an excellent job once he was in class. Poor thing endured motion sickness and threw up in the car on the way there and then had to have a Dramamine before we could come home. He was even iffy then, but we made it home successfully. Just in time for me to run into the house, change clothes and dash back out the door to head off for Sean's graduation.

The big day finally got here and I know that there were times that he didn't think that he would ever see it, but here it was and he has so much to be proud of. He completed school!! Way to go Sean! Here some pictures. The batteries ran out on me after I took the video, so I snatched Mom's camera and took some more photos. Here's the link to the ones that she took and the last few that I was able to take with her camera. Meanwhile you can watch him as he accepts his diploma.

This afternoon we had a get together for him at the house with family. His Uncle Mike even it made it by for a short while. It was nice to see everyone out to help him celebrate this big accomplishment.

Just as the last of the party crowd was heading out to their cars the wind here really whipped up and started blowing all sorts of debris around. I ran out to the car to bring in somethings before the rain hit and saw that our neighbor's huge tree in their front yard had snapped and half of it had fallen over their driveway. It's got them pretty much blocked into their yard. Their only way out for now is to drive through our side yard and out our driveway. While taking a few pictures for them, I heard a snap - a tree in our backyard had snapped off about 25 feet up and top had clipped a second tree on the way down and landed on top of our Holly tree in the side yard. Thank goodness that it didn't hit the house or anyone and stayed out of the street.

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