Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mid January Rundown

Hard to believe that it's already the middle of January! The new year is off and definitely running, sometimes I think it is really sprinting along a bit too fast.

The end of the year was plagued with computer issues, which have spilled over to this year. The transfer of all the data from one computer to another seems to take forever and then there are all the applications that need to be reinstalled or heaven forbid be "refound". I just love some of those neat little apps that you find for free, but coming up with them again can take some time. Sometimes the trick to all of them are the registrations - you've bought it or gotten it for free, then your hard drive dies and you either have to wait to get it for free again or repurchase it because the new computer that you've picked up isn't the same operating system or they've upgraded the software!!! It's such a vicious cycle.

The office has been busy - I've been working on getting a new book together for Dr. Martin; also searching out some new graphics for another book as well. Then there has been the cd's that have needed putting together. Not really terribly difficult just slightly time consuming.

Procrastination has caught up with me, the tree absolutely has to come down this evening. I was 'waiting' on the elves to help me take care of it, but they have been no where in sight. At minimum, I'll get the ornaments off an stored before the maids show up in the morning to clean up from the holidays.

Maybe...I'll even get to take the day off. Here's hoping! This just in, I have tomorrow OFF!!! and it's even suppose to be a nice day. Yeah!

Thursday Night: Wow have plans changed! Sean's coming over to spend the night this evening. Since I'm home I'll be able to take him to school in the morning. Then Samuel's coming over for to spend Friday night. I'm finally making good on my promise to him. I do believe that he's already excited. Pizza, Mountain Dew, and PlayStation! He'll be in hog heaven.

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