Friday, January 15, 2010

My Day Off

Well my day off has had an early beginning, Sean spent the night at the house last night and had to be taken to school in Chester this morning. Dang, I didn't even get to sleep in, in fact, I was up earlier to take him to school than I'm up to go to work.

On the bright side to getting up and out that early, was getting to see the beautiful sunrise this morning. I did get a couple of good shots, but the majority of them are marred by the power lines, street lights or signage. It's hard finding a place to get a good sunrise without all the interference.

I've been piddling around the house for most of the morning. Getting the trash out, laundry done, putting stuff away that just doesn't need to be out. Molly Maids is coming this afternoon and if I've got the junk put away they can be in and out in no time.

Carla has been enjoying having me home today. She's all curled up on her bed in the dining room keeping an eye out on the going ons. The warmer temperatures are perking the both of us up. She may get to spend a lot more time outside this afternoon and tomorrow. Maybe she'll not be too upset when the rains come back at the first of the week.

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