Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Freeze

Freezing weather is on the way this evening. It's a big one coming up from the South. Usually when then hit us that way, we get hammered. So far they are forecasting 8-12 inches of snow. Now of course that all depends on exactly where the snow/ice line falls. Areas to the South are suppose to be more heavily hit, but as always we'll just have to wait and see.

The area grocery stores are most likely packed with people laying in enough supplies to survive being snowed in for a month of Sundays.

I have spent the majority of the day dealing with printer problems. Yesterday I had picked up ink for the printer so that I could get on with my class assignments, only to find out today that the printer won't work any more. I guess sitting in a cabinet for 3 years could cause that. So back to return the ink and get a new printer. I picked up a wireless one so that Walter can print to it as well and neither of us will have to be in the same room with it.

Now installation of a new printer should have been a stupendously easy task. Unbox, remove packing materials, insert ink cartridges, run install software and done. NOT!!!

I was on the phone for a little over 2 hours with Mark W. at HP Tech Support. Oh, by the way, he's was located in the Philippines!! Thank goodness he could speak English!! We did have an interesting side conversation while software installed, about the weather, what the season was here vs there. Very interesting. He did get the problem corrected. Turns out that the installation disk that came with the printer was defective.

Bounce had a rough morning, but has really turned it around this afternoon. He's been fantastic. Carla even has had a better day as well.

We've got Ashton, from next door loading up wood on the front porch so that we can stay all warm an cozy should we lose power.

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