Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brought to You By the Letter "M"

I had to head out first thing this morning for the store. We had run out of dog food last night and there are two critters that wouldn't have been very happy with me if I had made the trip early. Anyway, while checking out the cashier comment to me that to make the day go by faster they were doing a word/s of the day game - the goal to use as many word that begin with the letter M. Sounded like a fun idea...

I was glad I got up early this morning. The mugginess wasn't miserable when I motored down to the market for some munchies. (This is tougher than you'd think - but a great way to improve your vocabulary.) I accomplished my mission fairly quickly and made a move toward home.

I stopped near the Sheetz on near home and notice marshmallow flowers in bloom. I moved the car off the road and managed to snap a few shots. That's when the fun really began. ASwallowtail butterfly landed lighted on the Mimosia bush. I managed more photos of the Swallowtail butterfly on the Mimosia before moving off to home. (I don't know how much more of this I can manage, too bad it wasn't a Monarch butterfly.)

When I got home, Bounce who was in the puppy yard outside, made much too much to do about my arrival.  Once the groceries were in the house, I let him out and into the house he shot.  I notice outside the side door a magnificent moth on the end of a blade of grass.  He stayed motionless while I made off to get the camera.  Many, many shots later, I did manage to get one of the both of his wings.

Late this morning, Sean came over to give us a hand with the woodpile and clearing up a few branches from around the yard.  I appreciated the help that he gave us.  Too bad he didn't stay the whole time. 

We did find a snail out in the woodpile and a kitten too! Walt may have a line on someone who would want a kitten.  Anyone but us.  I'm definitely not interested in having one here.  I'd be real happy if it wasn't even out there to give away.

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