Friday, July 16, 2010

Conference Day

We're back at the Omni today for our conference. We're in the James River room - great room, internet. Usually I can hit the lobby internet service, but not here. I believe that we are just about as far away as you can get from the lobby in our meeting room. I'm able to access a number of wi-fi spots but there's no way we can get on the internet without being a registered guest, even though we've got this room for two days. Now if I take the computer down the hall about 100 feet I will be able to get online. Grr. Who wants to do that?

I waited long enough and my wireless finally found the lobby router. It's random, sometimes here sometimes not. It is a bit of a battle maintaining the connection, but definitely worth it to be able to look up things as necessary for the conference.

We had a fantastic lunch! Brian did a great job of selecting the menu. I overheard several people saying that the chocolate cake was sinfully delicious.

During the afternoon presentation, Dr. Martin mentioned that there was a YouTube video of the World's Largest Mouth. Beware! Don't watch this too soon after lunch.

Dr. Marquina was at the conference this afternoon demonstrating his cold laser. Wow! this thing is awesome. What a way to help patients heal faster.

I had some Cracker Jacks this afternoon. Boy was the toy disappointing. Back in the day there was a real prize in the package. I can remember, tattoos, whistles, and small games, but now it's more of an educational piece of paper. What a let down. I suppose that in this day of litigation that someone sued them for the toys being a 'choking' hazard. It's is too bad that the kids today can't enjoy such a simple treat.

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