Saturday, July 24, 2010

Busy, Busy Day.

I headed out first thing this morning to PetSmart for Bounce's puppy class. He did fairly well, but he is one hard headed animal. You can actually watch him pretend that he doesn't see you. Frustrating!

On the way home the drool-bucket about flooded the front seat of the car. I thought there for a couple of minutes that I was going to have to put a bucket under his mouth so that I wouldn't float away.

Off almost as soon as I got home to Sam's Club. Not too sure what I'm doing, but I guess I'll find out as soon as Diane gets here.  Well, it took a while for her to get here.  It seems that she had a little trouble with a State Trooper who thought that she had a rocket launcher in her vehicle.  There's no way that would work in her car.  Now it would be funny if it had just happened once, but the fourth time must truly be tiring.

We did have fun - quick photo shoot and then we were off for sushi.  I have created a monster.  Sushi-O was closed, but we were able to get in at Kabuto in Midlothian.  Great sushi and plum wine.  The things that I will try.

Heard on the radio that the temperature could possibly reach near 106-degrees. YIKES!!!  Well not only did it reach 106 it made it to 109-degrees in the shade near the Hardees on Hull Street.  I have heard that we're suppose to be in triple digits for the next few days.  I am truly grateful for the AC unit and having plenty of water available.  How bad would this be if running water wasn't available.

The rest of the afternoon is shaping up to be as busy as well.  Sean is coming over to help Walt with a few things.  The two nuts are up in the attic laying flooring.  As if they couldn't have picked a better day to do this (shaking head).  On a positive note they do seem to be enjoying themselves.

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