Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Thursday!

What a wonderful day outside! It was quite pleasurable getting out this afternoon at least for a little while to enjoy the wonderful Spring-like weather. I was equally surprised by the multitude of Crocus' that are now populating the Monkey Grass at home in the front yard. (I have pictures coming.) Just a couple of days ago there were only three plants up, but!

We have been a couple of busy beavers at the office, making copies, putting together document packages, making CD/DVDs, and printing a multitude of documents. I thought that we were going to have to go out at one point and cut down another tree for paper. Thank goodness for double-sided printing.

This evening promises to be one of the largest pre-meeting meetings that we've had. It will be nice to see all the familiar faces and do a bit of catching up before we all settle down for the conference in the morning. The conference promises to be quite informative.

More Spring Flowers

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