Saturday, March 20, 2010

Super Saturday

What a terrific day for working out in the yard or just being outside in general. I got out early this morning with Walter and went to Pleasant's to pickup a couple of items for the house. He decided to pick up some grass seed as well to at least have some grass growing in the yard for now, to keep erosion down, since we only have dirt in the yard. The previous owners must have had some aversion to grass.

A new haircut and color was also in the schedule for this morning. Turned out that it was almost like going to a class reunion. Wanda Nash and Molly Adcock who had gone to cosmetology class with me both worked at the salon. Linda who did my hair, is the grandmother of a boy that Sean had played baseball with a number of years ago. It was great catching up with everyone.

I picked Sean up and he has been helping out in the yard this afternoon. We've been tearing up the makeshift patio that was on the Southside of the house. The ground had filled in all the empty space between the foundation boards. We're also demolishing the wooden sidewalk on that side of the house as well. A number of the boards are rotten and a hazard. Turns out that some of the drainage issues that we have will be resolved by just taking out this patio and walk. Of course, we'll be reworking it in the future.

Tim brought over a 10x10 dog pen. We put it up so that Bounce can spend sometime outside without being on a leash and at least be somewhat safe from the monster next door. Carla even had to get in it as well, which was really funny since we originally purchased for her back in 1999. Then she wouldn't have anything to do with and would absolutely complain the entire time she was inside. I guess she doesn't want Bounce getting to do anything that she isn't.

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