Sunday, March 7, 2010

Richmond In the Morning

Richmond Sunrise, by Judy SmithWe were up early this morning and out heading to the Belle Island. We made a drive through Krispy Kreme - Walt was looking for some 'hot' donuts. No hot ones but they were surely quite warm.

Once we'd park near the Tredegar Ironworks, we headed up to the footbridge under the Lee Bridge. We picked out a nice spot about mid-way across the river and waited for the sun to make its appearance. It was a spectacular place to set up to catch sunrise photos of the city.

It was a wonderful morning to be out and about. The temperature, although not warm was tolerable by just a light jacket. We watched the sun come up over the city and then crossed the footbridge over to Belle Island.

Morning Swim, by Judy SmithThe birds were everywhere. I even got a shot of a hawk. The geese were almost oblivious to our presence. Walt threw a rock into the river to try to scare them into flight, but they just ignored us entirely. The Southside of the island was much quieter than the Northside. The wildlife seem to gravitate toward the rapids.

I ran through two sets of batteries for the camera while we were out this morning. I had a third, but they didn't work when I put them in the camera. Darn battery failure, there were a couple of extra shots that I could have gotten on the way back to the car.

by Judy Smith by Judy Smith

Canadian Geese in Flight, by Judy Smith by Judy Smith

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