Saturday, March 27, 2010

DFD Day Two - Conference Wrap Up

Dr. Martin covered a lot of ground today during his presentation. Marketing was the topic of the morning. Dr. Martin kept everyone on their toes with group exercises interspersed throughout the presentation.

Dr. Martin shared his new book, Are Your Teeth Killing You? with the group. This book is all about the mouth-body connection before has implications and applications in everyday life.

During the we found out that a couple of our doctors have been doing some outstanding volunteer work:
  • Dr. Michael Goldberg, New York, NY - works with the American Friends of DVI
  • Dr. Peter Lee, San Jose, CA - special project with green energy in North Korea.
Dr. Martin presenting to the DentistryForDiabetics doctors, Richmond, VALunch was fun, everyone was immersed in conversation sharing ideas with one another. It is amazing the diversity of non-dental interests that the group has overall. Dr. Cobble was telling us about a small plane that come equipped with a parachute for the plane. Now that's making a small plane really safe. I could only image driving down the road and seeing a plane that had experienced trouble parachuting to safety. What a visual!

There were a couple of things that I felt that I could almost come up with a how-to video on the way to do things. Hmmm. I feel a possible project coming up in the near future.

The presentation in the afternoon was focused on referrals. Everyone was having a great time participating in drills and exercises. The practice a good way for them to put into practice what they were learning during the lecture.

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