Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day Two - Conference Wrap Up

I popped out the front door this morning to be greeted by a brand new crop of white crocus'. It was amazing the number of new plants that seemingly just 'showed up' over night. WOW! The residual rain on the blossoms was so pretty, and the color looks great amongst the field of monkey grass.

I hope that I get home this afternoon while the blossoms are still open. It would be great to get a shot of all of the flowers. Yet there is a prediction for more rain this afternoon/evening so I may have to wait until Sunday or even Monday.

We got started at the conference right on time this morning. It was tough being all bright and shiny after such another long day.

Nancy Simmons, from Silver Lake, Ohio, announced to the group that she has been selected as Woman of the Year by the National Association For Professional Women. She is a truly remarkable woman with a tremendous story. I'm looking forward to hearing more from her. As soon as I have a link to her bio I'll add it here.


Bounce is still at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic, they have been swamped this morning and his ultrasound was pushed back until later this morning. I'm hoping to hear something from them around noon.

Word is in from the Vet - Bounce is okay!! His ultrasound showed that the area is just a little fatty tissue. The bump that we are feeling is a 'pucker' where they closed the body wall up during surgery. The swollen looking area should go down in two or three weeks. YEAH!!!!

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