Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Here it is Wednesday. It has been a very full week.

Monday, I went to an Adobe Catalyst class at TecHead. Although the software is still in beta it was great getting a jump on the pre-release software. Can't wait to get the released version. There will be so many things that can be done with it. Although we don't use very much flash on our websites, there it will be nice to be able to produce some pieces, especially for photographs. I'm working on figuring out an Air application that I could make. Too fun!

Tuesday, put me back into the office with loads of computer issues to clean up. There had been a software update, but not done quite right that had to be hammered out. It took a while to figure exactly what had happened but once that had been taken care of the rest just took the time necessary to get it fixed.

If that wasn't enough, we had a Dental Implant Seminar in the office that evening. Which went wonderfully! Dr. Martin did a fantastic presentation. But...and there always seems to be one, we had some software glitches that almost blew the big finish. Stupid software wouldn't save out a file to a jpg, so in lieu of that I downloaded IrfanView, did a screen shot and saved out that way. IrfanView saved the day!!

That brings us up to today. I've been working on a new website - all day - it's coming along, but it is sure being a royal pain. Working the layout has been challenging. In the end I sure hope that it comes out the way that it has been envisioned.

Sometimes things just work my nerves and get me all frustrated. There are some days that you get that feeling that you are not appreciated for what you do. I think I'm in need of a few mental health days. Ah, almost forgot, vacation is coming up in a week or so. It will be nice to get out of the fluorescent lights and into the sunshine.

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