Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Happenings.

Great news. Bounce's recovery is coming along nicely. The bump on his side is down to half of what it was. He had a visit to the vet today, this time for a rabies shot. Carla had to go as well for one of those annual shots that she was due for. The both of them had their nails clipped. Bounce could care less about having it done, but Carla on the other hand - would whine from now until next week if we even tried.

Miss Carla had to have one of her teeth pulled as well, it was just barely hanging on. I'm sure that she feels much better now. The vet said that she is doing terrific for a dog of her age (15). She's just plugging along.

This evening the two of them have actually settled in on the sofa to sleep. A slightly amazing event. Carla isn't growling and Bounce isn't picking at her. Yeah!

Today started out under gray skies, but after a fairly big downpour, the clouds parted to reveal blue sky. At least it wasn't nasty this evening on the way home. I sure do enjoy getting to ride with the sunroof open.

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