Friday, March 5, 2010

News from the Vet

Bounce came through surgery wonderfully. He had a 3 1/2 inch rip in his abdominal wall and some of his intestines and part of his spleen had to be put back in place; and there was a pencil end sized hole in his diaphragm that they easily repaired. With luck he will be able to come home in the morning.

Walter took this photo of Bounce just before we dropped him off at with the vet.

Afternoon update from the vet:

Bounce is still doing just fine. They called to give me his post op instructions. We just have to watch the incision for any excessive redness. No baths for two weeks. The poor baby is going to have to wear a "cone of shame" for 10-14 days to keep him from licking his incision. I feel so sorry for him. Pictures to come.

Evening update from the vet:

Bounce is still on the road to recovery. Definitely sore - they've given him morphine for pain, so I'm betting he doesn't even care that he's at the hospital. Hoping to get to bring him home during the day tomorrow. It's quite quiet here without him around.

Looks like the optimism isn't going to pan out. They want to keep him for observation for a full 36 hours. So it appears that we'll be able to pick him up on Sunday morning. All subject to change - we're on wait and see mode.

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