Thursday, March 4, 2010

Unwanted Excitement

After a very full day at work, I was all ready to get settled in at home and put my feet up and let the dog snuggle up for awhile on the couch. This was not to be. I let Carla and Bounce out to potty, and the next thing I know I heard a yelp from the side yard. At first I thought that it was Bounce picking at Carla, but it didn't sound 'quite right'.

I ran out to find that the neighbor had tackled his dog next to our deck. Carla was near the side door, and Bounce had taken off to hide under the tool shed. Turns out that what had happened was, the neighbor had let his 100 lb, pit bull (type) dog out and it had taken off and tried to bite him. Once they got their dog put into the house, I spend about 20 minutes trying to coax him out from under the tool shed.

A few dog treats on the ground managed to do the trick. I'm not exactly sure how the other dog bit/hit him, but his stomach was distended and there was blood on his leg. I got the little fellow into the house and wrapped him up in a towel; got Walter and headed out the door to the Emergency Vet Clinic. (Why is it that thing like this never happen during regular business hours?) The poor thing did fairly well on the ride, but he's not all that hot on riding in the car yet, and he started drooling. When he does that he reminds me of the dog on "Turner and Hooch" all drool all the time. Just when I thought we were going to make it to the office, he couldn't take it anymore and threw up. All over me, all over the car door. It was just lovely.

They got him in, gave him some pain meds and checked him over. The initial diagnosis is torn abdominal muscle (a hernia), which is definitely going to need fixing relatively quickly. So...he's spending the night at the Emergency Vet Clinic having x-rays; getting an iv; having blood work; antibiotics and more pain meds. We're picking him up before 8 a.m. to have him to the main vet hospital first thing in the morning to be evaluated by the surgeon.

We called to report the attack once we got back, they said that Animal Control would be out shortly. I was in amazed. Animal Control after 5 p.m., wow! The amazement was short lived. They called around 8:30 to say they were going by the emergency clinic to take photos of Bounce and that they would get with me on Friday afternoon to follow up on the report.

Tomorrow promises to be very long and tiring. Up early to pick up Bounce, over to the surgeon, and then back to deal with Animal Control. Not to mention all the lovely fun that we're going to have with the neighbors over this.

On an odd note, Carla has been pacing around looking for Bounce since we got home. Now normally she acts like it's killing her for him to be around, but she truly looks like she has missed him this evening. She doesn't know how to act not having him around to pester her.

I'll post an update on Bounce's condition after we find out something tomorrow.

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