Sunday, February 21, 2010

Backyard Birds

The new feeder in the backyard has finally been noticed by the birds. There's also a squirrel that is enjoying the sampling of seeds that the birds throw on the ground. There have been at least four different species of birds that have stopped by already and it's only February. At this pace of activity it should make for some interesting viewing on the weekends and as the days get longer it will be nice to see what shows up in the early evening.

The neighborhood nuisancesNeedless to say the feeder has also been noticed by the neighbor's cats. So far they are just lurking at the edge of the yard, sitting on the woodpile. As long as they stay at the edge of the yard, we won't have any issues, but should they come much closer...I know of two dogs that are going to have a field day chasing them here, there and everywhere.

After an outing of errand for Walter to pick up him some lunch supplies and a radio, to use to keep up on the news/weather, I've come back to see that the cats have "MULTIPLIED" in my absence. So far, I think that I have photos of at least 15, I feel a collage coming on so that we can use it to identify them all.

The squirrels are taunting the cats as well, they hang right there on the tree and swish their little tails at them. One cat sat at the bottom of the tree with his mouth quivering watching one of them.

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