Monday, February 15, 2010

Normal Monday - Possibly

Stupendous! A Monday morning without snow. How in the world did it happen? I've been doing a little recon on Tuesday's forecast and maybe, just maybe we are going to dodge the previously predicted snow storm. Here's hoping!

Today I've been helping out at the office at the front desk. Doing the typical front desk stuff; confirming, scheduling and rescheduling appointments. Not my normal stuff, but I'm happy to pitch in whenever it's needed.

Monday Evening:

Just as I started home this evening, I received a text from Walter saying he was finally on his way home from work. Oops! The plan had been that he was only working half a day today. We'll since I just knew, that he would be home at lunch, I didn't go home and let the dogs out. Hmm. I could only imagine just what horrors were awaiting after they both had been locked in the house all day. I really wasn't worried about Carla, just Bounce. He hadn't been left that long before. Much to our GREAT surprise, he hadn't had any accidents all day! Walt let him out of the laundry room and he made a bee line for the front door. Yeah! He's getting so much better. Even this evening both he and Carla have been doing great. Bounce has even been laying down for me on command.

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