Friday, February 5, 2010

Frosty Friday

Our weather forecast here is for some very frosty weather for the next several days. WRVA has been broadcasting weather reports from and they are very accurate (he predicted the last two major storms a week before anyone else!).

The snow started at the office around 10 this morning. By noon I had over a half inch of accumulation on my car. We closed up the office at 2 to patients, but did not get out until 3. The drive home was a little hairy in places, I dropped the car into 2nd and puttered on home. As for the others on the road....there wasn't much that could be said.

On the way home I started out in heavy snow and ended up at the house getting hit with sleet. It was great to make it home in one piece.

Walter, bless his heart, had gone out earlier in the day and pick up more rock salt from Home Depot, stacked wood on the front porch and already shoveled the walks once before I got home.

Email & Newsletter Gleanings:

What to do when you are bored at work.....

1. Kill a few flies.

2. Put them in the sun to dry for one hour.

3. Once they are dry, pick a pencil and paper... Let your imagination flow.

Here are a few examples...

Makes me wonder, though: where does someone work that there are this many flies? Eek!

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