Sunday, February 28, 2010


Another assignment done!!! Yeah!

This morning I pushed to finish up a logo assignment. This one was particularly frustrating, but I finally got through it.

Around mid-morning the birds really flocked into the bird feeder. I got a couple of good shots, but the sun was hitting the feeder at the wrong angle to get too many good photos. The neighbor's cats are helping any either. I saw one shinny up a small oak tree at the back of the yard while I was taking photos.

I'm going to get Walter to move the birdbath from the front yard into the back near the feeder. It may afford me some more opportunities to get capture the birds from a different perspective.

Walt & I went out to Red Lobster for an early dinner/late lunch. The service was great and the food was delicious. Some days it's hit or miss, but today was definitely a home run.

Walt & I had a great time talking and catching up on everything, since he's been working time has been short for the long conversations. I also had fun talking with our server, Vincent, about Italy. It really made my day.

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