Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Day at Home

Although I started for work this morning, that was cut short by a text message that we weren't opening until 10. Since I was already at Hull Street I slipped into Sheetz for a Chai tea. Something nice and warm for a very, very frosty morning. Finally back home. I settled in to work on some homework. It wasn't too much later that a second text came through say we were closed for the day. I took advantage of the day in to do laundry, homework and work on a few things that I'd been putting off.

I even had a visit from Tim & his family. They even brought their puppies over to visit their little brother. It was extremely amusing watching all three of them bounding around all over the yard in the snow. If it had been much deeper, we could have lost them all in the snow. Carla wasn't not too pleased about it all - I could just hear her saying, "One was bad enough, but three!!!"

All in all it was a very productive day. The news away from home was a bit more adventurous.

Sean spent his morning trying to get away from school. He normally gets home at 10:15 and they were trying to make them all stay at school till 2:00 p.m. Big difference. He had several other classmates that were obligated to get back home at their usual time - really a bad situation especially when there are younger children involved.

Walter was out with Kelly - he was going to be a real sweetie and drive her to VCU today, which turned out to be unnecessary when they closed for the day. They did, however, rescue Kelly's sister from the high school. She was trapped behind a "teacher chain" that was blocking the doorway. They really didn't want them to escape.

This afternoon the clouds parted and the sun shone brightly on all the white stuff. Bounce and Carla spent some time outside looking for cats near the woodpile. They didn't have much luck, but the trip back was entertaining to watch.

More Snow Photos

Walt was heading back in this evening, just after dark, and had some difficulty getting back to the house. Just down the road from the house a U-Haul had gone into the ditch and was stuck across the road. The police were there and he had to wait for a spell until they would let him pass. This is the view of the mess from the front window at the house. Today was definitely not a good day to move, way too slick.

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