Monday, August 17, 2009

And the Week Begins

As I was headed out to work this morning the mist had settled into the bottom field at the end of the road. Normally it's not usually this heavy and easily captured on 'film'.

Walter gave me a call this afternoon informing me of a few unexpected visitors in our backyard. It seems that one of the neighbor's cats had had a litter of kittens in between the two old woodpiles behind the toolshed. Nothing like trying to clean out old rotten wood, only to find five little kittens tucked in between them.

Not wanting to crush them, he left them where they were and I came home at lunch time with a box from the office. I was able to squeeze into the space and pull them out without any trouble. I spent awhile trying to find out where we could take them to get rid of them. I certainly don't want any cats, and especially not five of them. Carla would have an absolute fit! This evening, if the mother cat hasn't moved the kittens out of the box and into a new location, we are going to take them over to the neighbor's house and present him with his new kittens. Then they will be out of our hands.

It seems that Chesterfield County says that cats are able to run free within the county. Now I know that cats can't be kept on a leash, or in a backyard. But let's be real...does any one person need 17 cats! Let alone five more kittens. Get with the program and have your cats spay and neutered.

Miracles never cease, the kittens were gone when I got home. Yeah! No need to worry about how to get rid of them or where the mother had put them.

This evening I had a nice visit with Tim & Elda when they came by to pick up a scanner. They've got lots of stuff to scan. The scanner even automatically makes pdfs which is going to be a real blessing.

They also brought over Carla's doghouse. I'll get that put into the backyard this week, put up some wire around the base of the deck and Carla will be all set with her very own backyard playground. Then I can let her out in the backyard for hours on end to enjoy laying in the sun, without needing to worry about her wandering off or the neighborhood pit bull catching up with her on the front porch.

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