Saturday, August 8, 2009

Road Trip with Cassie

August 8, 2009

I started off this morning with a new haircut and color. Mom even posted a picture of the new cut on Facebook.

Then a trip out to visit with Mom, turned into an impromtu trip to Williamsburg with my niece, Cassie.

We left Richmond a little after Noon and made it to Williamsburg before 2:30 p.m. After getting Carla all settled into the hotel we headed off to Colonial Williamsburg to have a look around. There were loads of actors in period costumes. I don't believe that I've ever been here and seen that many.

We went to the Colonial Garden where we saw pomagrante and fig trees. They had planted gourds with the grape vines on an arbor. Very interesting to see the gourds and grapes hanging above your head. Cassie also got to try her hand at bring up water from the well in the garden. Then to top it off they had her haul the water bucket to the giant barrel in the center of the garden. The guide said that during the Colonial period they thought that it was bad to use well water on the plants, so they warmed in the barrel during the day before actually using it.

Cassie really enjoyed going into the shops. We stopped in the Barnes & Nobel, always a bad place to go, and Cassie got a couple of books and I picked up one for myself as well. On to Merchant's Square and we went through the Scottish store. I found a great pair of heather earrings and a cute braclet for Cassie.

We enjoyed a very nice dinner at Carrabba's. Cassie tried calamari and creme brulee. I do believe that she enjoyed them both quite a bit.

This evening I took her down to the pool for a dip. It wasn't too long after she got into the pool it started to drizzle. Oh well, she was already wet and it wasn't thundering, so we hung out until it started really coming down. The umbrellas next to the pool didn't do much to shield me from the rain. I ended up getting drenched.

It has been a full day. Who knows where we will end up tomorrow? The only real plan that we have is to take the Jamestown Ferry home. Up to then it's anyone's guess.

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