Monday, August 3, 2009

And We're Off

August 3, 2009

August has begun with a flurry of activity. Walter has been out working on the yard. We may actually be able to walk around the yard before the end of the month without tripping over a piece of split wood. He was able to more or less figure out the back property line over the weekend, with a compass and piece of string. Very interesting activity, especially when you are walking through the bramble in no man's land in the backyard. Please don't make me go in there again.

Last night Walter received an interesting Facebook contact, his cousin from North Carolina found him. They haven't seen one another since Walter was five months old. It is amazing. Turns out that he had done a Google search on himself and found the genealogy, which in turn gave him the name that he could search for on Facebook. So neat. I ran the same search and found one of the other cousins and a post that she had looking for family information. I'm going to shoot her an email with a link to the genealogy site this evening.

My day has been full of ripping audio from video, then a little bit of audio editing on top of that. Quite repetitive. I've even been able to get some work on postcards for one of the doctors in Minnesota.

Tonight's Clover Hill Alumni get together was a fabulous success. Jeff Creech came in from North Carolina and Joe Brame came up from Yorktown. It was great seeing so many people coming out. The group ranged from the Class of '79 to the Class of '89. Quite a mix.

Walter even met up this evening with a few of his friends from Manchester High School. We kiddingly told them that they had been sitting at the 'kids' table at the end of the evening.

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Lea said...

Amazing site Judy! Minnesota even got a mention, yea. Lea