Sunday, August 9, 2009

Road Trip Day Two

August 9, 2009

Well Cassie and I had another full day. We headed off first thing this morning to Yorktown. We spent some time there at the waterfront. It was quiet and very nice. There had been some work done there since my last visit.

We were thinking of heading on towards the beach way, but took a few side roads too many and ended up in BFE. Turns out that it was lucky for us that we did we got some cool photos of a crane in the marsh there. After getting ourselves turned back around and headed in the right direction we started for Jamestown via the Colonial Parkway.

Once we hit Williamsburg, we found out that the Parkway was closed just about 4 miles before reaching Jamestown. We took the side trip and drove right through to the road closure, just to see what we could see. I was glad that we did. We saw oodles of Ospreys.

Onward to Jamestown, where we caught the ferry over to Surry County. Cassie was a little spooked about riding on the ferry, but got over it once we were under way. As we were going up Route 10 we spotted a fawn on the side of the road, I tried to get stopped and get a photo, but it just didn't happen.

We stopped at the Hardees in Hopewell to grab a milkshake. That turned into a real fiasco. When they handed them out the window, we were quite surprised to see those sad things. They were only half full, watery, and not even icy cold. I've never seen anything so sad. The manager did refund my money, but WOW.

As a last stop on the way home we went to Henricus, just getting in before they quit selling tickets. It has changed so much since the last time I was there with the kids. They've added several new buildings, livestock, and chicken! Outside of the settlement enclosure, they have added a dock at the base of the cliff with a paved pathway and handrail. We did get to see a large ship leaving out the James and passing under the Varina-Enon bridge, the photo has smaller boats in the picture as well to give you some sense of the size. Huge!

You can see more trip photos here.

Sean came over this evening to give me a look at his new haircut. Saturday he decided to shave his head. It didn't look as bad as it sounded, but then....he has found a hat to top off his new look.

The boys posed for a photo together on the porch this evening. Walter was barefooted with Sean in shoes and of course wearing his hat. I made the comment that they both would probably look a whole lot better if their clothing wasn't so loose. Walt's lost a lot of weight and Sean likes the baggy look.

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