Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another day, another challenge.

I really don't want to do it, but it looks like I'm going to have to be the one to do it. So I'll just buck up and get on with it. We're having a software upgrade at the office and I personally have wanted to have no part in it. So many computers and so little time. It's a server install and not really one of those things that I do a lot, thus the reluctance to even get involved with it. Oh well, it will be a later night than usual at the office.

Walt got an interesting surprise at the house yesterday evening. It seems that the 'nosy committee' had dropped after he left in the afternoon to leave him a little 'love note' on the front door. Apparently there is some sort of code compliance issues with at the house. Hmm...wood piles that have not been removed from the front yard and heaven forbid there is a camper in the driveway! The weather hasn't been helpful in the progress of getting the wood clean up, but then again, Walt's been trying to clean up what was left by the previous owners at the same time. And that, takes longer than just stacking wood at the back of the yard. Shoot we even had to find the property line so we would know where to put the darn stuff. It's funny (not really) that the county doesn't deal with feral cats but gets in a real snit over firewood. It's a crazy place. I told Walter the next thing that they'll have an issue over is the stumps in the yard.

On another note, my computer has been doing funky things lately. Yesterday I lost my internet connection at the office, literally. It took rebooting the computer to even come up with the icon for the office network. Then today, I lost my speakers. Same solution, but what's going on? I think Vista may have been partying a bit too much lately and is forgetting where it hides stuff from itself.

Talked to Walter this afternoon and he was telling me that he has taken care of the 'issue' with the wood. I don't know exactly who he talked to, but they surely did get an ear full.

While I've been here waiting on the server to do it's thing, I've had the opportunity to spend some time doing some more catching up with Tim. They sure are a busy bunch over there. Lots of things going on. I'll have to catch back up with Alice this evening. We usually do the commute home phone call, but I got to talking with Tim first. Mom's even chimed in, I still need to give her a call back.

I'm looking for Walter to show up her anytime now to help me finish off the rest of the office computers. It's just going to take the time to wait for them to install.

10:00 PM Finally home from getting the computers upgraded. It only took three phone calls to various tech support numbers to get it underway. Then it wasn't terrible, just kept me moving from machine to machine and back again. Then of course there were the Microsoft updates that were also thrown in to the mix. They make for such fun surprises.

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