Monday, August 24, 2009

In a Reflective Mood

I have slipped in a bit of a reflective mood over the past few days, with that said....

What is it that really keeps us from pursing our dreams and passions? Family, friends, fear, cowardace, money? Or just not knowing how to begin?

We all do it, we play devils advocate in our heads, some of us even write lists. Generally our questions are relatively the same,
  • Will our family approve and accept what we are going to do?
  • Will our friends still be our friends? Will they disapprove?
  • Are we fearful? Is that fear rational or is it just vague and not specific?
  • Are we afraid of being alone?
  • Are we afraid of taking the chance to step out beyond what is the status quo.
  • Do we or are we cowarding behind the 'normal' because we do not want to accept what could be?
  • Or even worse are we more afraid of not being able to embrace what could or couldn't be?
  • Do the responsibilities of normal life keep us tied to what we've always done? Not allowing us to go forth and conquer the world and ourselves.
  • Is money our task master? Are we working only for money? Is there some magical figure that once reached will 'allow' us to pursue our dreams?
  • Do we feel trapped by our circumstances? Just not knowing how to take that fist step to living our lives to the fullest?
  • Are we waiting on someone or something? Do we find ourselves living life vicariously through others that are out there living their dream?
  • Are we waiting on life to find us? Life is happening all around us, but in order to live our own life we must step out and join dance.

I am guilty of all of these things and probably much more.

In the end what are we after all is said and done:

  • A footnote in history, a line in a book? Or
  • Have we really been and done something that will be enduring? Or
  • Touched others in a way that has a positive lasting effect?

    • In reflecting on my own life I find that as I've been on my own journey there have been a few individuals who have always been a part of me. Whether knowingly or not their 'presence' has indelibly altered me. I am who I am in part because of the role that these special people have played in my life. Changing my perspective, nudging me forward, pulling me out the mess of things that I make from time to time, encouraging me to move forward, or simply giving me a much needed kick in the pants!

      Then there are those extra special people. These are ones that touch your very soul. Moving you to reach past what you may think is possible and take hold of what can be. Thank God for them, for without them who would we be.

      After writing the above I drove past one of the churches in the area and saw the following:

      Thought For The Day: Never be afraid to trust an unknown future.

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