Friday, August 28, 2009

Hello Friday

I started the weekend a little late, I had clocked out an was on the way home when I realised that I forgot my cell phone. Oops! During my run back into the office to get it off the desk, the boss caught me and had me do a project for him that had to go out immediately. I ended up getting back out of the office about an hour later.

On the way home I was checking in with everyone and ended up heading straight out to Mom & Dad's to have dinner with Dad. He said the magic word, turkey salad. Mom had made some up this week. Yum! I could sit eat it with a spoon. I had a nice visit with Dad & Mamaw Stapleton before heading off to the Verizon store.

I had had trouble with the battery on my phone on Sunday and it has continued to act up all week. Tonight it died on the way to visit with Dad. So I left early enough to make the trip to the Verizon store to have it looked out. Turned out that the was having an issue, but they had me just purchase a new one. Then after making the purchase, I found out that my warranty had expired yesterday. I then decided it was time to talk to the manager. Since I had tried to have the phone issue corrected on Sunday, they went ahead and refunded my battery purchase and gave me the new one at no charge. The battery definitely has fixed the problem. Even with two bars on the battery I can have a conversation!!! Yipee!

Tomorrow I'm finishing my InDesign class. It has been difficult just getting the time to think about the final class exercise. Between work and a couple of other obligations it has just been about impossible. I have cleared the schedule for the weekend and am putting the assignment on the front burner. Now, there is only one thing that would change that...and I'm not anticipating that it will happen, but I'd drop it in a minute if the the other thing did come up.

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